School Fees and Terms

The Teaching Expenses fee entitles students to the E.U. Teaching “Sagrada Familia” to enrollment, class attendance, evaluation of the subjects enrolled in the different study plans of the degrees taught at the “Sagrada Familia” University Teaching School, to the use of the Library following its own regulations, to the use of EU facilities Teaching, as well as all the services offered by this University Center.

The fee for Teaching Expenses for the 2019/2020 academic year amounts to 3,600 pesetas (21.65 euros) per enrolled credit, in any of the university degrees taught in the E.U. of Teaching “Holy Family”.

Payment method.

The fees for Teaching Expenses, except with the written permission of the Administrator of the E.U. of Teaching, must be paid by the system of Direct Debit. To do this, students will be provided with the corresponding bank authorization form (see ANNEX 1), which must be filled in by the Administration taking into account the following deadlines:

  • Students enrolled in 1st year: at the time of enrollment.
  • Students enrolled in 2nd or 3rd year: before October 10, 2019.

Payment terms for Teaching Expenses.

The tuition fees will be charged to the respective checking accounts in three installments, which will coincide with the following dates:

1st DEADLINE ……………… last week of November 2019.
2nd TERM ……………… last week of February 2020.
3rd TERM ……………… last week of May 2020.

Payment terms for residence expenses.

Those students who are also enrolled in the “Virgen de Guadalupe” Residence will make the corresponding payments on the following dates:

1st DEADLINE ……………… at the time of registration (150,000 pts.).
2nd  TERM ……………… last week of October 2019.
3rd TERM ……………… last week of January 2020.
4th TERM ……………… last week of April 2020.

Student beneficiaries of Becas-SAFA and Ayudas-SAFA.

Those students who are beneficiaries of Scholarships-SAFA whose amount does not cover 100% of the Teaching Expenses and / or Residence Expenses, as well as the beneficiary students of Helps-SAFA will make the corresponding payments on the dates indicated in No. 4 and No. 5 of these Regulations, as appropriate.

Banking expenses.

In any case, the expenses generated by banking operations will be paid by the student.

Changes in direct debit and terms.

Any change in the data of the direct debits or in the terms of payment of the fees of Teaching Expenses and, where appropriate, Residence Expenses, must be communicated in writing to the Administrator of the E.U. of Teaching at least one month in advance of the deadlines that appear in section 4 and 5 of these Regulations. Otherwise, the bank charges incurred will be borne by the student.

Some special situations.

9.1.Those students who have already been enrolled in 2nd and successive occasions in a subject, and appearing at the calls of December 2019 and / or February 2020, approved the referred subjects, they may see reduced the share of Teaching Expenses in the same number of credits as approved credits.

Said reduction will be applied whenever the student requests it in writing to the Administration of the E.U. Teaching before the deadlines for the payment of the 2nd term -for the call of December 2019- and the 3rd term -for the call of February 2020- (see Rule 4).

The aforementioned reduction will not have retroactive effects and will only be applied within the period following the call in which the Approval has been produced.

9.2 Those students who, enrolled in the E.U. Teaching “Sagrada Familia”, benefiting from some kind of Exchange of University Studies, must pay all the Teaching Expenses of the credits for which they have enrolled.

9.3 Those students who, enrolled in the E.U. of Teaching “Sagrada Familia”, they are given Official Dismissal in it (total or partial cancellation of Registration), they will only pay the Teaching Expenses of the period in which they have been students of this E.U. of Teaching, respecting at all times the Deadlines indicated in Rule No. 4.

9.4.Those students who have to enroll in the subjects included in the following table, who have already been enrolled on 2nd and successive occasions, and given that they will not have the possibility of having face-to-face teaching during the 2019/2020 academic year (due to the extinction of the