Our History

1949 In accordance with the Primary Education Act of 1947, on March 30, 1949, erected the University School of Teaching, with the title of “Sagrada Familia”, entrusting its direction to the Society of Jesus. On November 30 the Ministry of Education becomes aware of the creation.

1959 The original study plan is modified in order to adapt it to official plans and to the demands of a future teaching profession. The studies are carried out over a period of four years and admission must be carried out having passed the elementary baccalaureate.

1968 On an experimental basis, it is approved to implement the so-called “Plan 1967”, which requires the upper secondary school as access. For the first time, in this academic year, students enter the School.

1973 By or. M. of July 27, in addition to the Decree of May 25, 1972, under the General Education Law of 1970, the School is allowed to experiment with the 1971 study plan that, (or over six semesters, tends to grant diploma degrees.

1978 By Decree of May 2, it is recognized as the E.G.B. «Sagrada Familia» and is attached to the University of Granada. Right now, a number of students close to five hundred study the specialties of Human Sciences, Spanish Language and Modern Language and Sciences.

1980 In May, a first Collaboration Agreement is signed with the University of Granada.

1982 On July 14, the Preschool specialty is awarded.

1990 41 students begin classes in the recently awarded specialty of Physical Education.

1993 On November 19 the signing document of the School to the recently created University of Jaén is signed.

1995 On April 28 and 29 the commemorative acts of the Fifty Anniversary of the foundation of the University School are held.

1995 On April 28, a Collaboration Agreement is signed between the University of Jaén and the University School.

1995 On May 5 the new curricula of the specialties of, ‘.’ Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Foreign Language (English) and Physical Education.

1997 The classes of the new specialty of Musical Education begin.

2000 The total number of students exceeds five hundred. It is requested from the University of Jaén, the specialty of Teacher: Special Education and the Diploma of Social Educator.

2019 June 6 is published in the B.O.E. the reform of the curricula of the “teacher specialties: Physical Education, Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Music Education and Foreign Language (English).