Making University Life Memorable

A person has to go through different phases in his life, and one special phase is university life. One must make the best out of university life because certainly this time will not come back once it is gone. You will remember this time all your life with tears and laughter. Right now, with all the studying, you feel like time is not passing; however, it is not about passing, time is actually flying. Coming up with lame excuses for not submitting assignments, bullying and ragging first-year students, getting food on credit and NEVER paying the canteen person, copying teachers as soon as they leave classrooms, going into class late and making excuses like “a cow crashed into your car and you had to take it to the hospital” and many more memories will be taken along with you once you graduate. Cherish this time, as you never know what life shows you ahead.

University life is actually very simple. It is not like school, where you get homework for every subject and you have to be much more disciplined. In fact, university life is pretty much the opposite. But this is not because your university teachers do not care for you. It is basically because they feel you are mature and responsible enough to organize your life the way it should be organized. They are there to help you just like your school teachers were; slightly less aggressive though!

One must always realize that university life aims at making you more responsible and strong so that greater challenges ahead of you can be handled well. It makes you identify the goals you want to achieve in life and also makes you come across different students from different backgrounds. This way, you tend to make friends of various personalities; some might be very boring to the extent that you feel like drowning them to death, whereas some can be highly entertaining.

Some parents think that studying is the only important thing in a student’s life. Sadly, they are mistaken. They might not have heard the saying “all work and no play, makes jack a dull boy”. Well yes, a person’s character is not judged by how much knowledge he/she has. If they do not have any sense in other matters like appearance, sense of humor, confidence and so on, then all the education is a waste. This doesn’t mean you should behave like a rebel and start doing things that no one else dares to do in your university; though, it feels good if you can. The interesting thing is that a person with a good personality and less knowledge is usually better off than a person with all the knowledge and no personality. When one goes for a job interview, the first aspect they usually look at before hiring you is your confidence and ability to progress, not how nerdy you are! So, stop testing your limits, and be ready to have a whale of a time, as university life is not going to come back, even if you try everything you can.